Exterior and interior doors

Doors are non-standard products. Their correct manufacture requires specialskills, special equipment, and professional staff. Their fittings, lock installation and other important issues are particularly complex and require a lot of knowledge. For main entrance doors, opened many times every day, safety and durability is extremely important.

Exterior doors are subject to special requirements and they are manufactured from dedicated materials. Unlike windows, door corners are additionally reinforced to guarantee the door panel stiffness.

Doors are equipped with a three-point lock that provides not only strength, but also tightness. We give the opportunity for the customer to design his own door to or choose a pattern from our catalogue.

Doors come in imitation wood, and in many other colours. Doors can have or not have an insulating glass unit, which can be made of transparent or decorated glass. We are ready to make exactly what you wish.

Advantages of plastic doors:
Well-made doors are durable, leak proof, resistant to moisture, easy to clean and look presentable. Doors made of plastic, 82 mm thick sections, already have three sealing gaskets and are glazed with a 48 mm thick insulating glass unit or a thermal plate (48 mm thick).