Patio doors

We offer a wide range of patio doors, where you will definitely find the most suitable option. Terrace doors can be opened (flipped), sliding or folding. Often customers want an ultra-wide, unobstructed entrance to the terrace, and here we offer several alternatives, allowing an entrance width of up to 3 meters to be achieved. At bellow you will see all the possible options:

Sliding doors – doors can be swung and pushed to the side. If you choose this door, you can comfortably ventilate the house, and if you slide it you will have free passage of up to 1.5 meters wide. Read more.

Hebe Shebe Tur, Veka slide – doors sliding to the side. These systems can be used to produce a very large product with free passage of up to 3 meters. Read more.



Terrace doors with active brake



Balcony doors – can be opened vertically, horizontally and, additionally, have micro-ventilation, these are the standard doors for a balcony or a patio, they are convenient to open and ventilate the house.


Folding Doors – the door can be used as a standard balcony door, but, if necessary, all hinged parts of the door are folded and pushed to the sides – here we have a huge free passage.