Softline 82 MD

Veka Softline 82 MD is a unique system used for the manufacture of windows and warmest patio doors since they can be glazed with 48-50 mm thick insulating glass units or 48 mm thick foam board – this is a new system for our door! Therefore, passive house builders will no longer care about choosing the door, since we offer one of the warmest and safest doors on the market.

Technical specification:

  1. 82 mm width, 7 chamber system;
  2. Profile wall thickness, class A;
  3. Galvanised metal reinforcement;
  4. Fixing of three sealing gaskets between the frame and the window leaf;
  5. The total heat transfer coefficient can be up to Uw = 0.68 W/m2K;
  6. Glazed with 48 mm, 52 mm thick insulating glass units (three panes) or 48 mm fillers;
  7. Spaces between the panes are filled with argon gas;
  8. When choosing a special sound insulating glazing, you can achieve up to 49 dB sound insulation;
  9. Mechanical strength, heat transfer coefficient, air leakage and other data are verified with the EU declaration of conformity.