Real joy of creation

Windows are not a mass-produced product. They are highly customised and made by masters, individually tailored to your home architecture. Therefore, we at Vinkelis ir Ko aim at satisfying all your needs and offer a great variety of frame and sash profiles and a range of additional details.

Thus, your creative freedom is not restricted – you can choose from white, coloured or wood imitation windows that will never need repainting or other difficult maintenance. In addition, we will make not only standard rectangular windows, but also other different geometrical shapes like triangles, trapeziums, arches, ovals and other. We can also glaze your balcony, loggia or terrace. Everything is possible – create your own individual style and we'll make it happen.

Kip – a swing window used to ventilate a basement, a garage, a bathroom.

Drei / Kip – a swing window that is opened and additionally has micro-ventilation. This is the most popular standard window, it opens to the inside, very convenient to clean and perfectly solve the ventilation problems.