Reynaers Aluminium offers almost every possible color. More than 450 different color variants of the RAL palette are available. Coatings: COATEX, MATT, GLOSS.

Safety glass

Even though glass is a modern building material, it has a tendency to break. Current technology makes it possible to produce safety glass that once cracked due to foreign influences, will not injure people that are nearby. When safety (toughened) glass breaks, it does not produce sharp-edged, large fragments or, in the case of laminated glass, sticks to the PVB film, significantly reducing the likelihood of cuts or other injuries.

Types of safety glasses:

  • toughened glass,
  • laminated glass,
  • toughened-laminated glass.
Solar control

Nowadays technology makes it possible to offer a full range of solar control glazing that not only provides comfort in the hot season, but also manages properly to keep the heat from escaping in winter.

Solar control glass is divided into three main groups based on efficiency: tinted glass, reflective glass and multi-functional solar control glass.

The easiest way to protect yourself from the heat of the sun is with tinted glass. The thicker the glass – the more intense the tint, the lower the transmission of visible light and solar energy.

On a hot summer day, tinted glass heats up and radiates heat into the room. The heating requires additional treatment, toughened, to prevent thermal breakage.

Shades: brown, grey, green and blue.

Sound control
Noise affects us every day, and excessive exposure to it can be harmful to our health and rest, so noise levels in living areas should not exceed 45 dB.

In order to effectively isolate unwanted exterior noise, it is possible to use the thickest glass, with different thicknesses of glass in the double glazed unit, or with a larger space between the panes. The most effective way to isolate unwanted sound is to use laminated glass or even laminated glass with an acoustic PVB film.

We offer a wide range of double glazed units that can isolate low and high frequency sounds and reduce unwanted external noise.

Acoustic double glazed units are mostly used for:

-Buildings that are located on busy streets, city center, next to airports, railways, concert halls, etc.

-External and internal glazing of residential and commercial buildings.

Decorative glass

Decorative glass comes in a wide range of patterns and colours, with different levels of light transmission and transparency.

The surface texture of decorative glass can be obtained using different methods:

  • embossing during the glass manufacturing process
  • surface acid etching
  • sand-blasting
  • lamination with a matt or coloured film
  • lamination with special materials (fabric, metal mesh, etc.) between the panes

Decorative patterned glass not only makes it distinctive, but also fulfils the main function of limiting transparency. Frosted decorative glass can be treated in two ways: acid-etched or sand-blasted. Acid-etched glass is less susceptible to staining. Sand-blasting allows the glass surface to be measured in its entirety or to the desired pattern. You can use single glass, in double glazed units as one of the panes.

Frosted or patterned glass can be used for external or internal partition glazing where partial or total opacity of the image is required, but full light transmission is needed.


In modern buildings, as more areas get covered in glass, another concern is glass cleaning. However, advances in technology can offer indispensable innovations such as Bioclean+ water-attracting glass and the ViewClear coating, which helps to prevent unwanted dew from forming on the outer surface of glass.


It is an easy-to-clean, ultra-low-maintenance and self-cleaning glass that will change the way you think about cleaning your windows. This glass is manufactured by coating the glass with transparent, photocatalytic and hydrophilic mineral coatings. The mechanical, thermal and acoustic properties of the glass are identical to ordinary glass!

The benefits of self-cleaning glass:

  • Less frequent cleaning of the windows gives you more free time.
  • Much easier cleaning: less dirt and impurities stick to the glass surface.
  • The cost of cleaning the windows is significantly reduced.
  • Even in the rain, the view from the window is clear.
  • The naturalness and translucency is the same as ordinary glass.
  • Less frequent use of detergents, less pollution.


  • Can be tempered.
  • 4mm can be laminated.
  • Ask for more options

  • Can be tempered
  • Ask for more options

  • Can be tempered.

  • Can be tempered

  • Can be tempered.

  • Can be tempered
  • Can be laminated

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Decorative partitions – Most often are used to emphasize a certain architectural style or create a unique window design. The main advantage is that the glass units divided in this way are extremely easy to clean!

Available widths: 8,18,26,45mm

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